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Why is Website Content so Time Consuming to Create?

Having you ever been told to “send over the content”? Website development is often stalled because website content is not available. What is this dark cloud on your to-do list? It’s website content and it takes a lot of time to create for several reasons:

  1. Organizing content is very important and it requires a lot of thought as well as client-approved, decision-making along the way, even if the content already exists.
  2. Interviewing the subject expert is crucial for creating new content, especially writing.
  3. Deciding which written content and photos represent your business is a process.
  4. Formatting photos to look good can take awhile, using professional photography is always best.
  5. The writing needs editing and proofreading. Taking the time to approach this step of this process with fresh eyes every once and awhile helps to double and even triple check work, ensuring high-quality content.

There is a reason this is my first topic to address on the Waterberrie blog. Content is crucial for creating any design and it is also the most difficult to attain.

Website Content is Like a Herd of Sheep

Organizing great content is like herding sheep. It’s hard to contain it and get it to go where you want it. Luckily, it’s not alive so we can manipulate it using Photoshop to save the right file formats or edit the written content using tools like Grammarly.

In it’s most raw form content is information, which is plentiful and always growing. But it’s also all over the place and difficult to bring together in a meaningful way for blogs, websites and other content marketing.

To get website content together so that you can design a website can involve a lot of back and forth, comparison, judgment calls, decisions and all the other things that lead you from doubt to decisiveness.

I recommend finding someone with experience creating website content who can help you corral that content. Content is made up of many little pieces that must be brought together in an organized and meaningful way.

Create a strategy, decide if you can shape the information you already have or if you will need to create new and original content.

Sometimes you can repurpose things you have already written or use the photography you already have if it is high quality. This still requires bringing it all together with purpose.

Creating Website Content is a Process

It’s not difficult to see that the biggest challenge to creating website content is time. It would be absolutely magical if you could go to a website designer, purchase a new website and viola it’s up in a matter of days.

Certainly, if you have all the website content identified, organized and optimized for web then you can move forward quickly.

But it is very rare that this is the case. Usually, creating content takes the form of translating knowledge from the business owner to paper. To do that requires time to interview, process, write and revise. It is an arduous yet completely worthwhile process.

Creating Quality Content Starts With Great Questions

Interviewing the business owner for important information is right up there with high-quality photography. The interview requires that the business owner is available, present and ready to talk openly about the ins and outs of their business.

And on that note, I’ve often felt that trust and empathy on the side of the marketer is one of the most crucial aspects to doing the job of collecting website content well.

» A good marketer is a great listener.

Marketers that are open and listen well ask excellent follow-up questions that evoke the most original and most important information from the business owner.

I’ve come across business owners time and time again who have hit a wall with their website designer because the website designer is asking for website content.

Usually, the business owner has received a set of questions in the form of an email and sadly it sits in their email box and at the bottom of the business owner’s long to-do list.

To make it less time consuming to create content conduct the interview and then create the copy. You must have quality writing that represents the business before starting design or it will take far more time to create your website.

Getting Website Content Right
the First Time

When I was growing up I was told, “Do it right the first time or else you have to do it again”. Now, that doesn’t apply to every aspect of digital marketing because there is a lot of trial and error, but it does apply to creating website content.

Do not expect to spend $5 on written content or simply copy and paste from elsewhere on the internet.

Not only are these bad practices but it does not offer value. It will not help your rankings and it certainly will not build an engaged audience.

In fact, it can actually hurt your website. It would be better to start with less content that is higher quality than to cut corners.

» Quality website content is not free.

The same goes for photography. If you have high quality, professional photos you can do so much with them.

If your photos are taken from a cell phone and have bad lighting then you are going to spend more on the editing process just to get something semi-okay to work with.

So how do we get content for a website? You have to create it, organize it, format it and double or triple-check the information to make sure it’s error-free. If you haven’t already created content before I highly recommend connecting with a creative team who can provide guidance, like us.


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